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Your DJ is one of the least expensive costs of your wedding or party; but is one of the most important. It is vital to have a DJ with knowledge, experience and someone you have confidence in.

The best way to get people up and dancing to create positive memories is to simply PLAY GREAT MUSIC! A dynamic music mix that includes a variety, old favorites and hot new songs is key. We monitor the dance floor constantly and respond accordingly. Your guests will enjoy themselves more without "forced spontaneity". If you want the chicken dance, hokey pokey or macarena we may not be the DJ company for your event.

Jeff has heard many stories of other DJs who suffer from"frustrated Vegas lounge act" or"a.m. DJ syndrome." Jeff believes if you're too busy concentrating on your "performance" then you're probably not making music a priority.

The right music and lighting can make your party look and sound like no other.  

81% of guests at a wedding say the thing they remember most is the entertainment!

One week after their reception, 85% of brides wish they had made entertainment their top priority!

  • We are not your typical “cheesy DJs.” We will tastefully involve your guests in the fun, or take a more low-key approach; it is up to you.

  • We will act as Master of Ceremonies for the evening and coordinate all of your events with the other professionals (catering staff, photographer, etc.)

  • We have over 17 years experience in the Tampa Bay Area; weddings are our specialty.

  • We will always be appropriately and professionally dressed for the occasion. We wear a tuxedo for formal affairs.

  • We will arrive at least 1 hour prior to your event to set up.

  • We will not play music with explicit content.

  • We will not eat, drink, smoke, bring friends or “party” with your guests. You can expect nothing but the utmost professionalism from us.

  • We have an excellent reputation and will do everything in our power to ensure your event is a success!